Thursday, 21 June 2018

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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Nadipathy Research Foundation awarded by Star World Records for Mega Event of First Beach Sand Therapy @ Kakinada – 19th January 2018

Dr. Krishnam Raju Founder of Nadipathy Research Foundation from Kakinada, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India conducted the First Beach Sand Therapy on January 19th 2018 at Vakalapudi Beach, Kakinada. Dr. Krishnam Raju successfully treated to 300 patients with diseases like diabetes, Blood Pressure, Stress, Hyper tension, Skin Diseases and Renal Failures.

Nadipathy Research Foundation awarded by Star World Records for Mega Health Camp @ Kadthal – 18th Dec 2013 to 31st Dec 2013

Dr. P. Krishnam Raju – Nadipathy from Kakinada Founder of Nadipathy Research Foundation (The Ancient Traditional Treatment) had conducted an International Nadipathy Holistic Health Camp between 18th Dec 2013 to 31st Dec 2013 at Kailashpuri, Kadthal Village, Mahaboobnagar Dist, Andhra Pradesh. Nadipathy Foundation had an opportunity to serve 1,18,600 patients with a team of 65 therapists and this ancient treatment (more than 100 therapies) is launched first time in the World.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Honorary doctorate to Dr P.Krishnam Raju Sir

               Honoris Causa for Dr.Krishnam Raju in Bangalore Honoris Causa Indian Virtual Univ.for Peace and Education – a regd. Council under NITI AAYOG,Govt. of India has honoured Dr. Krishnam Raju (Founder & Chairman ) of Nadipathy with ‘Honoris Causa’ in Nadi pariksha. This award has been given to Dr.Raju in Bharatiya Vishya Bhavan,Bangalore . This award is a special honor for Dr. Raju on Nadi pariksha ( Pulse examination ) which reveals the past ,present and future health conditions that could help Dr. Raju to treat the patients by curing the present ailments and stop the future diseases by treating with Nadipathy therapies.

                   After receiving the award Dr. Raju was surrounded by dignitaries and other officials to know their Health conditions by a mere pulse check of course its a privilege for Dr.Raju and revealed each and every one to the possible extent since the time was running to Board the flight for Hyderabad  to attend his weekend camp at Nadipathy. Speaking before before boarding the flight Dr.Raju said that this is a great Honor and appreciation for Indian ancient Traditional system and he would strive to develop this kind of Ancient Medical systems for the future generations by conducting classes and workshops wherein every one can cure themselves without using any medicines but with Ancient Therapies


Mahatma Gandhi Fellowship (MGF) Award for Dr.P. Krishnam Raju- Nadipathy Founder and CEO

                Walkers International District, Vijayawada had announced MGF Fellowship for Dr.Krishnam Raju on the Birth Day Celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Raju with his team are went to take the Fellowship award in Vijayawada Yesterday Nadipathy – An Ancient treatment First time introduced to the World by Dr. Krishnam Raju from India. Dr. Raju Always says that the Ancient Medical System is India’s pride and has been following now by many foreigners and practicing this system.

                          Importantly this is a Natures Friendly treatment and of course we can term it as Eco Friendly.Dr. Raju is secretary of INO- International Naturopathy Org. Southern states Of India.In a press note that Dr.Raju is quite happy that this award would give a great responsibility to propagate Gandhiji’s Naturopathy principles and Gandhiji’s will power that he gained from the Naturopathy and won the Freedom of movement for India.

Mother Teresa-National Fellowship Award- 2017

               On the occasion of Mother Teresa Birthday,26th Aug-2017,eminent personalities were awarded in recognition of their respective contribution towards the Mankind and the society. In a grand ceremonial function held in Vijayawada with AP Creativity & Cultural commission collaboration With Philanthropic society ,AP India has awarded these fellowship award to Dr. P. Krishnam Raju for his contribution in getting back the Ancient Medical System called Nadipathy which can find the root cause of the disease and cure completely without any medicines,surgeries with Ancient Therapies which were followed by the Ancient sages. 

                        Speaking at the Press,Dr.Raju said that he loves Mother Teresa and a staunch follower of Mother since she was a Healer and cured crippled patients by mere healing.She owned tremendous cosmic energy that she utilized for the Human kind. Taking This ward enhanced my cosmic energy in treating the patients for faster results and create a Nature friendly society for the human being

Award for Dr. Raju’s Outstanding services

             Government of Andhra Pradesh awarded an Award of appreciation to Dr.Krishnam Raju, for his outstanding services to the Senior citizens and differently disabled persons. This has been awarded on International Day of Older Persons celebrated on 1st Oct 2017, in a grand function in Kakinada. Dr. Raju in a note said that he is fond of serving the Older persons, destitute, differently disabled persons since the energy that he gets by serving them is a great source of healing for the society by Nadipathy treatment . He thanked all the participants District Authorities and other elite for this recognition to him.