Friday, 3 November 2017

Honorary doctorate to Dr P.Krishnam Raju Sir

               Honoris Causa for Dr.Krishnam Raju in Bangalore Honoris Causa Indian Virtual Univ.for Peace and Education – a regd. Council under NITI AAYOG,Govt. of India has honoured Dr. Krishnam Raju (Founder & Chairman ) of Nadipathy with ‘Honoris Causa’ in Nadi pariksha. This award has been given to Dr.Raju in Bharatiya Vishya Bhavan,Bangalore . This award is a special honor for Dr. Raju on Nadi pariksha ( Pulse examination ) which reveals the past ,present and future health conditions that could help Dr. Raju to treat the patients by curing the present ailments and stop the future diseases by treating with Nadipathy therapies.

                   After receiving the award Dr. Raju was surrounded by dignitaries and other officials to know their Health conditions by a mere pulse check of course its a privilege for Dr.Raju and revealed each and every one to the possible extent since the time was running to Board the flight for Hyderabad  to attend his weekend camp at Nadipathy. Speaking before before boarding the flight Dr.Raju said that this is a great Honor and appreciation for Indian ancient Traditional system and he would strive to develop this kind of Ancient Medical systems for the future generations by conducting classes and workshops wherein every one can cure themselves without using any medicines but with Ancient Therapies


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