Friday, 3 November 2017

Mother Teresa-National Fellowship Award- 2017

               On the occasion of Mother Teresa Birthday,26th Aug-2017,eminent personalities were awarded in recognition of their respective contribution towards the Mankind and the society. In a grand ceremonial function held in Vijayawada with AP Creativity & Cultural commission collaboration With Philanthropic society ,AP India has awarded these fellowship award to Dr. P. Krishnam Raju for his contribution in getting back the Ancient Medical System called Nadipathy which can find the root cause of the disease and cure completely without any medicines,surgeries with Ancient Therapies which were followed by the Ancient sages. 

                        Speaking at the Press,Dr.Raju said that he loves Mother Teresa and a staunch follower of Mother since she was a Healer and cured crippled patients by mere healing.She owned tremendous cosmic energy that she utilized for the Human kind. Taking This ward enhanced my cosmic energy in treating the patients for faster results and create a Nature friendly society for the human being

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