Friday, 3 November 2017

Mahatma Gandhi Fellowship (MGF) Award for Dr.P. Krishnam Raju- Nadipathy Founder and CEO

                Walkers International District, Vijayawada had announced MGF Fellowship for Dr.Krishnam Raju on the Birth Day Celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Raju with his team are went to take the Fellowship award in Vijayawada Yesterday Nadipathy – An Ancient treatment First time introduced to the World by Dr. Krishnam Raju from India. Dr. Raju Always says that the Ancient Medical System is India’s pride and has been following now by many foreigners and practicing this system.

                          Importantly this is a Natures Friendly treatment and of course we can term it as Eco Friendly.Dr. Raju is secretary of INO- International Naturopathy Org. Southern states Of India.In a press note that Dr.Raju is quite happy that this award would give a great responsibility to propagate Gandhiji’s Naturopathy principles and Gandhiji’s will power that he gained from the Naturopathy and won the Freedom of movement for India.

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